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A guy on your Facebook friends list that you add as your boyfriend. Usually a joke put up by a single girl (or single guy). It makes one look like he/she is socially competent enough to actually get a steady man.
Marc is my Facebook boyfriend even though I only view him as a friend, and he is probably sleeping with 12 other girls and is also possibly gay. What a douche. But oh well - at least my parents won't try to force me into an arranged marriage now.
by ana October 19, 2007
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1. having something against someone.
2. a good part of someone
Josh has the goods on Sara and he'll let the whole world know soon enough.

Damn, Violet has the goods.
by ana December 26, 2005
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" You're personal pimp!"
by ana July 4, 2003
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A subtle mullet recently made popular amongst young males in sydney's inner-west communities. The danger of a subtle mullet (smullet) is that it may not be instantly recognised as one.
1. O'M'God Bro, that's a sikk looking smullet. The chicks are gonna love it!

2. I'm not sure about this haircut .. there's something not quite right about it ... OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! That mother*&%(#$ gave me a SMULLET!!!
by ana February 14, 2005
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The only country music you can listen to without throwing up.

Shania is a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice and is married to AC/DC producer Mutt Lange.
Shania plays guitar, sings, and writes all her own music. Her songs are upbeat and not like average depressing country music.
by ana October 9, 2004
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marcello is my baby
by ana September 21, 2003
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--an extreme lack of sex
If you wanna get some, don't get married.
by ana April 2, 2005
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