When C.B. is really drunk and urinates in nicks laundry basket. Upon furthur questioning, he states "It wasnt properly labeled."
by JW October 27, 2003
One of the many methods of inducing a lightskin energy state.
dont feel like coming up with an example sin sin city wasnt made for you

Lightskinned induced person: "angels like you"
by __theone November 29, 2022
A magic phrase from a song that instantly turns your skin tone lighter
Person 1: Sin Sin City Wasnt made for you

Person 2: Shut up you bitch

Person 1: Dude what the hell
by bossdogw January 29, 2023
You were not with me when i was by myself so dont try to come with now
Some girl: hey its nice to see you can you loan me $5
Troy: what?!! Bitch you wasnt with me shootin in the gym
by ACNJ31 March 15, 2015
Wasnt pulling out can mean that a male wasn’t pulling his private part of the the girls private part.
Me hey kaya. Kaya:What
Me:you know my man didn’t wanna take it out

Kaya:Yes That means wasnt pulling out
by Kateaamybe December 21, 2022