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A subtle mullet recently made popular amongst young males in sydney's inner-west communities. The danger of a subtle mullet (smullet) is that it may not be instantly recognised as one.
1. O'M'God Bro, that's a sikk looking smullet. The chicks are gonna love it!

2. I'm not sure about this haircut .. there's something not quite right about it ... OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! That mother*&%(#$ gave me a SMULLET!!!
by Ana February 14, 2005
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The place my boyfriend hits CONSTANTLY when we fuck.
"oh my goddddd... hit it aggggain babbby..."
by Ana August 31, 2004
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The sexiest man alive. The best bassist in the world. Intelligent, handsome, excellent musician. Guy is the perfect man. He's got it all.
No one like him
by Ana March 07, 2004
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Verb, pertaining to David Hasselhoff.

To be Hoffed – to be sent homoerotic images of David Hasselhoff in questionable outfits/poses with various props/animals. Considered an extreme insult, the most common form of Hoffing is done through electronic mail although various new and inventive methods have recently been discovered. The first ever hoffing is said to have taken place in 1997 in the town of Heidelberg in Germany where David Hasselhoff is an extremely popular singer. According to urban legend, a young male high school student sent the David Hasselhoff calendar (if you have never seen this consider yourself lucky) to a girl he had a crush on in an attempt to woo her. The attempt backfired when the horrified girl choked on a chicken sandwich which she was eating whilst opening the calendar. The act of Hoffing has since spread from smalltown Germany to the mainstream claiming thousands of victims. Although not usually resulting in loss of life, a Hoffing can lead to severe psychological trauma, temporary loss of motor function and 9 times out of 10 it will affect the Hoffee’s up-chuck mechanism.
Oh, sweet mother of Jesus, FUCKK!!!!! I’ve been Hoffed again! I’ll never open my email again.

That guy is such a butt-fucking loser! I’m gonna send him a Hoffing he will never forget!
by Ana January 11, 2005
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huckapoo - something to describe what my cat hacks up, also see the world's shittiest girlband.
"Dude, my cat just totally huckapoo'd all over the carpet." or "HUCKAPOO? OH MY GOD. FUCKING SPICE GIRL WANNABES"
by Ana January 09, 2005
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1. having something against someone.
2. a good part of someone
Josh has the goods on Sara and he'll let the whole world know soon enough.

Damn, Violet has the goods.
by Ana December 25, 2004
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