27 definitions by Ana

huckapoo - something to describe what my cat hacks up, also see the world's shittiest girlband.
"Dude, my cat just totally huckapoo'd all over the carpet." or "HUCKAPOO? OH MY GOD. FUCKING SPICE GIRL WANNABES"
by Ana January 09, 2005
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The frontman (or woman) of a band, usually in rock music, but can also be rap/pop/country/jazz etc. If the singer is male, it means he is the one who dates all the women!
by Ana May 17, 2004
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Someone who has a very thin upper lip shaped like a ducks bill, and when she talks, after every sentance, makes a Lippy face.
Lookit, that girls Lippy!!!
by Ana September 25, 2003
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Relating to, having, or open to sexual activity of many kinds.
by Ana December 01, 2003
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Derogatory term for low class French-Canadians. (based on the preferance and quantity of pepsi consumed)
*girl 1: hey that guy is hot
*guy: Allo-bonjour sexy madame
*girl 2: naw, just a pepsi
by Ana April 25, 2004
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