the greatest name to ever be created. no other names even come close to its greatness. it is usually refered to the best one in the community. see smart, attractive and all other positive and praising adjectives in the english language.
god used to be called ayman but ayman wasnt easy to pronounce so it became god
by ana January 26, 2004
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is a nice guy who everybody thinks he has a pure heart but in fact, he is fucking your girlfriend while your gone
have you seen Ayman?
yeah, he was with that hot chick Suzi
wait .. what .. that's my girlfriend !!!!!!
by uniquey July 18, 2018
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If your a boy with this name, ur most likely arab, however if ur a girl then ur def a paki. Ayman's are rly caring and they don't like eating for some reason. They usually get called by their friends like "Ayyyy Mannn" they either like this or hate it to death.
Bruh why isn't he/she eating?
Damn that's probably Ayman
by marykhan2345 June 2, 2020
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great friend, he's quiet at times but once you get to know him he's really awesome. he's very wise and smart and always has your back. he's also funny and occasionally bends over (to put his phone in his bag). he's a great guy and makes everyone comfortable with him. he's really chill and calm in almost all situations. once you get an ayman in your life be blown away with a great friendship!!
damn youre so great youre like an ayman
by dinkled February 21, 2023
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Aynan is a girl who is most beautiful and drop dead gorgeous, she is wanted by all men yet, unnatainable because she is so daring, free-spirited, and independent. She rarely falls in love, however when she does she is THE best. She has long black hair and is extremely skinny. She has been to the edge and back and came back without a crack. Do NOT ever get on her bad side. She is a fighter but will think of what she loves while fighting. No one will ever really know her, for she truly does not know herself. Show her cruelty and receive cruelty, show her kindness and receive kindness. Compare her to a black diamond. She is complex, comes from both heaven and hell, her emotions are difficult to read, and her surface is hard and flawless She would rather be the moon that shines down on you in your darkest hour than the sun that simply brightens a day. She is always right with a sharp and intelligent mind. She is confident and sexy. She loves cold weather but also enjoys swimming in the water.
by zaynabali July 8, 2014
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if your name is ayman you are a wonderful person who deserves everything and this name can be give to both males and females and if you are a girl names ayman i just want to tell you your name i see so beautiful and that it represents your beauty on the inside and out don’t ever feel disheartened if anyone ever tries to bring you down because of you name i will always love you<3
by you are pretty <3 October 20, 2022
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