Heidelberg is a city located in the Rhein-Neckar valley in southern Germnay. This is a city that has an American military occupation. Heidelberg American Highschool is the military high school located on Mark-Twain village in the city center, the mascot is the lion, and the school colors are navy blue and gold. Is known to have major rivalries with Wiesbaden and Rammstein. No one else matters, really.

In the year 2011 Mannheim High School was shut down, with most kids moving to Heidelberg. After the year 2013 Heidelberg is set to close, forcing many of the students to move up to Wiesbaden.

Heidelberg is home to the oldest university in Germany, along with the Heidelberg Schloss. Heidelberg boasts a tradition at least 50 years old, 3 times every summer 'Arches' occurs. It is a party that happens every time the castle is illuminated and fireworks are set off. 'Arches' takes place on the terrace of the gardens to the castle, and nearly all Highschool students have attended. This party was invented by Heidelberg students and is a beautiful thing really, I get so trashed every time.

Heidelberg is also known for its domination in football and basketball, it remains one of the toughest schools to beat even in its last year with its lowest population. Heidelberg has won Europeans in football and basketball at least 25 times since its founding over 60 years ago.
Wiesbadener 1: Did you hear? Heidelberg is shutting down!

Wiesbadener 2: No way! Good thing for sports but damn, thats crazy!

Heidelberger: We will kill you all, and we will walk out on your funeral just as we walked out on your game.
by HHSLIONS December 28, 2012
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A small University in Ohio. Heidelberg is a liberal arts, private institution. It also is knows nation wide as having one of the scariest mascots of all time, The Student Prince.
Student:I'm a student at Heidelberg.

Family member:You mean the school with the scary prince?
by Symphony210812 March 1, 2012
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the phenomenon that occurs when a woman sweats a guy so hard that she drives him into a freshman cheerleader's arms.
My friend experienced the heidelberger effect; she was all on this guy's johnson and he started jimmy-topping this freshman cheerleader with minnie-mouse bows to make her jealous.
by Alvaro Uribe May 27, 2008
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1. A person claiming to be sick in order to get out of prior obligations - to play hooky.
2. An accurate description of your hungover co-worker.
3. The classification of a weak person that doesn't know how to tell people to fuck off, so they make the excuse of being "sick"
Kenny called in "sick" to work, but we all know he has the heidelberg flu.
by EffTheLogic January 29, 2020
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