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People who(no offence to ME or any other teen)need to wake up and get an education instead of having sex all day.
Allison-I am a teenager.
Kim-Fa sho!
by Allison August 31, 2004
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well you see as me and my friend michelle were reading in our religion books it said... > jesus was spurned and critisized and then we did so good ole research and asked her mom her mom told us like dissed .... hmm neato soo spurned is another word for dissed!
michele: yo yo yo sup my home nugget¿
Allison: Holla! nm wah chew up ta!?¿
Michelle: notin!
Allison: thias convo aint goin anywhere buh you got spurned!
by Allison March 1, 2005
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Being a pimp/thug/gangsta or doing things that involve of pimps/thugs/gangstas.
You can find me in da club giggalatin giggalatin.
by Allison August 29, 2004
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Any assortment of fruity flavored drinks usually containing around %5 alcohol. Derived from the female term barbie drinks. When consumed by a male (either hetero/homosexual), it takes it's masculine form of 'bitch drinks', as to seem more insulting. These drinks often leave you with heartburn and vomit very similar to the color of your drink.
Bacardi Breezer, Mike's Hard Lemonade, Smirnoff Twist, etc.

I was totally going to go home with him after we left the bar, but I saw he had been drinking bitch drinks all night! I think he might be a friend of Dorothy.
by Allison January 4, 2005
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i.e. 'I freaking hate Fartnett'
or 'Oh, how i love that Fartnett!'
by Allison January 30, 2004
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a breakdown in which you yell out many cusswords and insult someone's mother.
After I threw the toy at my brother, he had a spunism.
by Allison February 4, 2005
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someone having a wet dream of a girl 7 years younger than you is bisque
by Allison April 24, 2004
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