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Dude! If You Fuckin Think That These Jelly Braceletz Are Really "Sex Braceltz" Then Your Pretty Immature! I'm 15 And I Go To Rogerz High School And Yez I Am A Punk/Goth Girl And I Do Wear Those Braceletz And NO They Do Not Stand For Anything Sex Related! They're Just A Fashion Statementz For Us Kidz!
One Day A Kid Came Up To Me And Snapped One Of My Black Braceletz Off And I Slapped Him Across The Face For Him Thinking I Waz Actually Going To Do Something With Him Because Of Those Damned Bracelets! Hey People! Listen To Us Kidz When We Say That They Are Not Sex Related! When Someone Lookz At Us And Givez Us A Dirty Look Because We Wear These Braceletz They Think Us Girlz Are Whorez And Slutz Because All You Immature Fuckz Make Us Look Like Them For Making Up These Stupid Fucking Meaningz For These God Damned Braceletz!!! GROW THE FUCK UP!!! Jeeze!!
by Allison September 7, 2004
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Refers to a drag queen's low quality wig. Very similar to the shine and texture of "My Little Pony's" mane and tail hair. Most likely purchased at the costume store 'Party City'.

May also be used with the phrase Pucci.
Look at that mess of a queen over there with that party city wig!

That's a shame.
by Allison January 4, 2005
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What I used to think they were saying on the Men In Black song.Instead of Men In Black i thought they were saying Ninnypies
Here come the ninnypies
by Allison August 30, 2004
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Mardi Gras is French for "Fat Tuesday" Originally created in Mobile, Alabama but now made into amazing shit by New Orleans, Louisiana. Although Mardi Gras Day is the big day of celebration it is the days, or should we say nights, that are really celebrated. Random hookups, exposures of oneself, and complete and total memory loss and lack of judgement occur on these wondeful nights.
Only during Mardi Gras will you see a 12 year old smoking weed and a 10 year old drinking beer. BUt only in New Orleans are people actually use to it.
by Allison April 1, 2005
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Appears to be a small, over populated town with too many bored police officers looking to bust kids for everything from talking on their cell phones in their cars that their parents bought them to buying alcohol with a fake ID at the Vineyard to going 120 in a 65 mph zone on the way to LBI. Kids start smoking pot and drinking as early as 6th grade and are damn proud of it. We're not snobs, we're just better than you. Shawnee kids party harder than most decent colleges and know it. We graduate highschool with the knowledge of bong ripping, beer funneling, shot pounding, and drunk driving. And we HATE school because, well, the administation and faculty are heartless, braindead, assholes. We know the backroads to any shore and go there constantly, especially in the wintertime. We frequent Camden and party in the parking lot, returning home unscathed, because we're fearless. We've all been to a bonfire in the woods somewhere, and we all know that kid who can hook us up with any drug imaginable. If it weren't for the Super Wawa and Riv we'd go hungry. We know that Wednesday night means all-you-can-eat at Pics on Rt 206. Everyone in Medford is either there to stay forever and doomed for eternity or WANTS OUT.
Medford's beat, and the cops are sketch. Let's go to the shore.
by Allison April 14, 2005
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a person who is profoundly hot, smooth, athletic, smart, blonde ---basically got it going on!
"whoaa, dude... that girl is FLETCH!"
by Allison October 21, 2004
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