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Mardi Gras is French for "Fat Tuesday" Originally created in Mobile, Alabama but now made into amazing shit by New Orleans, Louisiana. Although Mardi Gras Day is the big day of celebration it is the days, or should we say nights, that are really celebrated. Random hookups, exposures of oneself, and complete and total memory loss and lack of judgement occur on these wondeful nights.
Only during Mardi Gras will you see a 12 year old smoking weed and a 10 year old drinking beer. BUt only in New Orleans are people actually use to it.
by Allison March 31, 2005
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Stands for Pussy Spreading Nails.

Mostly found in the cosmetics section of your local Wal Mart. These nails have the faux french manicure.
Oh snap, that bitch has got some p.s.n.'s to die for!

Yeah, those cajun shrimp colored nails ain't jokin'.
by Allison January 04, 2005
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PUCCI, as opposed to GUCCI. Refers to a busted drag queen's choice of clothes or inability to wear female clothes convincingly.

also see: party city wig
Oh girrrl look at that queen's half zipped dress!!

Girl, that ain't Gucci, that's Pucci!!
by Allison January 04, 2005
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If you are Richardized you are god. You have big beautiful blonde hair and dreamy blue eyes. You are a pimp. You've seen the Paris Hilton sex tape. And you love your pussy. Overall you arent and never will be Richardized.
Cookies are sexy when theyre RICHARDIZED.

He came over and richardized me and I loved it.
by Allison June 27, 2004
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One of the best fucking cities in the usa.A great place to party.Also known as home of Mardi Gras and Jazz.If you have anything bad to say about the N.O then fuck off.
Allison-Im going partying in New Orleans tonight nigga!
Kim-fa sho!
by Allison August 29, 2004
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Refers to a drag queen's low quality wig. Very similar to the shine and texture of "My Little Pony's" mane and tail hair. Most likely purchased at the costume store 'Party City'.

May also be used with the phrase Pucci.
Look at that mess of a queen over there with that party city wig!

That's a shame.
by Allison January 04, 2005
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