Sweet, chneprly magnificent awesomeness. Often literary or artistic.
I find Palahniuk's work to be a resplendent gem among other NYT best sellers.
by CheetahMastah November 20, 2006
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1. A guild on neopets that has the greatest and awesomest people ever.

2. Also means dazzling or splendid in appearance.
1. I love resplendent more than I love my dog. But that's too bad I don't have a dog.

2. Girl: Hey!
Guy: Hey, you look resplendent today!
by NOT LAUREN K? November 7, 2007
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Romans who throw Kayaks onto the BloodBowl Pitch in an attempt to anger and upset the Bull Canoes
Look at those Resplendent Romans... Showing off their Double-bladed Paddles and their Fancy Kayaks...
Long gone are the days of the Bull Canoe...
by RuneClaw November 29, 2019
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