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Someone who is overly wholesome, excessively cheerful, and a goody-two-shoes in an excruciatingly irritating manner.
Refer to Liar Liar, junk yard scene for a good idea of the terms usage.
by Colin February 23, 2004
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n. Sexual term for when a male ejaculates in a female's eyes, and runs away leaving the female to wander around blindly like mr. magoo
dude, i gave you mom a magoo last night.

He had the nerve to give me a magoo.
by scintifek156 May 18, 2005
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a fan of the band vulfpeck.
a member of the vulfpack.
a generally cool person who likes their music both funky and low-volume.
"that handsome person over there refuses to stop talking about joe dart's sick basslines."
"i know, right? they're so magoo."
by notasfarwest April 03, 2017
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noun: to be a odd, lame, chessy person with no intention to give back to society.
That guy back there was so magoo.
by Evan97013 April 29, 2008
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The physical phenomanon of ones scrotum sticking to the inside of ones leg. This often occurs on hot humid days in the summertime. It can be cured by simply peeling the scrotum off the leg, which, if done properly will result in a pleasant tingle.
Person 1: Jesus man its so hot out. I gotta serious magoo bro!
Person 2: Haha, peel that shit off!
by Andrew Feigelis January 14, 2006
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To have difficulty seeing or to have excessively weird or ugly eye glasses. Reference to sight challenged cartoon character.
I broke my glasses, so I had to magoo my way around until I got them fixed.

Kerry bought her new glasses online and the frames are awful, she looks like a magoo.
by caterpwillar June 25, 2010
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(v.) when a gay (and usually drunk) man gropes a straight man in a desperate attempt to gain his affection
Mark got wasted at the club last night and magooed me! Again!
by TheEvilHammer December 02, 2010
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