a white man who wants to be black or pretends to be black
by fly up cunts kids July 20, 2006
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A disparaging term used to describe a Caucasian person that mimics ghetto and urban vernacular. More commonly used to describe those Caucasians whose only contact with popular urban culture is the entertainment media. A poseur.
The wigger thought all the black kids at school would be his friend because his mother bought him the latest pair of Jordans.
by Venessa Nina December 26, 2002
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A white person who tries to act black, wears his pants around his knees listening to crap like 50 cent. Usually has about 10 inches of boxers showing and wears his cap sideways.
Jimmy, dressed in Jordan jeans, a pink basketball jersey, and sideways pink hat saying "gangsta" is the perfect example of a whigger.
by Nikolai BlackPaw February 24, 2006
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A white person who attempts to act black, but usually ends up just acting moronic.
"Man, what's with these stupid whiggers driving around in low-riders, blaring rap music that talks about killing whitey?"
by DragonXero January 6, 2003
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1) a caucasian who doubts his own toughness, so thinks he can fool people into fearing and respecting him by acting black. Ironically, the effect is the opposite. No one is afraid of a whigger not even a smaller whigger.

2) an embarrassingly bad white rapper, generally not applied to the very few talented white rappers like Eminem.
1) Whenever someone hassles him he does his whigger routine because he thinks it will scare them.

2) Vanilla Ice is a whigger.
by Mike Oxhard July 10, 2006
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white people who try act black but still get dead trims, go private school, wear clothes from primark that specifically have the word 'swag' on them and cry to their mum if someone pushes them. oh and they ruin every trend(whip, dab, nae nae)
whigger : "yo bro check out my fresh trim and creps"
me *proceeds to look at his all round even cut and sport direct airmaxs*
by itzZainYT February 23, 2019
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white man that becomes severly colorblind, and not only appears to himself as black, but actually begins to believe he is black. In trying to fit in with "their people" they act black and listen to rap music. Whiggers have caused the mass unification of all races to erraticate the whigger.
by John October 18, 2003
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