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Uttering bullshit or talking nonsense. Most commonly done by managers and corporate whores.
Employee: Will you make some sense and stop talking out of your ass?

Management: YOU'RE FIRED!!!
by AYB February 18, 2003
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Instant noodles, comes in many different flavors.

A college student's staple food when he/she is too poor to buy real food.
I had to buy a month's supply of Ramen noodles because I spent most of my money paying for books and tuition. :^
by AYB February 23, 2003
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A teenager who is a pop-culture zealot. Most likely an MTV fan.
by AYB March 18, 2003
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More of a political propaganda machine than a news channel.
CNN is known to brainwash anyone who watches more than 20 minutes of it by sending out subliminal messages from the government.
by AYB May 30, 2003
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A kickass robotic police enforcer.
Nuff said.
by AYB March 12, 2003
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The gift that the Native Americans gave to the world.
Peyote is just as good as shrooms.
by AYB April 07, 2003
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Was a good cartoon that appeared in the late 1980s and ended in the early 1990s when some gay show called Power Rangers gained popularity with the kids. TMNT was based on the more violent and graphic comic book series. Featured four turtle ninjas and their rat sensei fighting against the minions of an evil ninja named Shredder.
Cowabunga! Turtle Power!

The first two TMNT movies were pretty cool.
by AYB March 09, 2003
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