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Derogatory description for person who seems well-suited to residential life in a mobile home park and is distinguished by poor hygiene, foul language, slovenly or slutty clothing, and general ignorance. Recreations include drinking malt liquor in lawn chairs under tattered R.V. awning and teenage pregnancy. Close synonymn for poor white trash. Can also be used as literal term for personal effects strewn by tornado when ripping though mobile home park.
"Bambi acts like such trailer trash when she chugs malt liquor and belches."

"She can clean it up, but underneath she's still trailer trash."
by sharona November 06, 2004
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person 2: poopting you
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person with few to zero morals, an aversion to bathing, and an addiction to alcohol. If female, ususally has a few kids with multiple fathers, with a tendancy towards greasy hair and dirty fingernails.
"Stef Vance is such trailer trash, she'll never clean it up."
by Chuckles9129 February 03, 2010
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Describes a white person who resides in a mobile home. These people are distinguished by poor hygiene, foul language, old, dirty, stained clothing, missing teeth, home made prison tattoos, chronic teenage pregnancy, being an inbred and being elementary school or high school dropouts. Recreations include drinking very cheap canned beer while sitting in lawn chairs under an R.V. awning, watching nascar and watching or being a guest on the Jerry Springer show. Many of these people are addicted to crystal meth and are on welfare.
The trailer trash couple was on the Jerry Springer show and explained how they are both the parents as well as the brother and sister of their newborn.
by slicksal November 19, 2006
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First of all you dont need to live in a trailer to be trailer trash, and only a small percentage of ppl who actually do live in a trailer are considered trailer trash and their characteristics are...

loud mouths
dirty houses and clothes
greasy hair
their kids are out of control
It is so embarasing hanging around her, she is straight up trailer trash.
by victoryia October 15, 2006
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A person who generally lives in a Trailer Park. They have almost no care for personal hygiene and if they are a girl they will often dress slutty with some major cleavage. They normally are very loud and obnoxious and do very stupid things. The kids version of these type of people will try to act "cool" by talking about all the "bad ass" things they have done and/or tried. No one really likes them too much, even their own kind. They are generally hated by the the clean people in society who care about being at least somewhat successful in their life. Trailer trash people don't care about what they do in their lives and think they are cool because of this. Getting in fights with other people make them happy even though they will usually get their asses kicked.

Overall, they are dirty, scummy, wannabe baddass, and annoying people who no one really likes one bit.
-Eww did you see those skanky, dirty people walking down the street??
-Yea I see them everyday trying to fight each other but they always kick their asses kicked.
-It doesn't even look like they shower or anything, their hair was all greasy...
-That's because they don't. They're called trailer trash. They dont even care either. I tend to not pay attention to them, just like everyone else because no one likes them anyway. and they are all just dirtbags.
-Well yea it definitely looks like it. I hope I don't get within 100 feet of them again. That was gross.
by GeoffMA May 19, 2008
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Contrary to what the billboards may tell you, the trailer parks aren’t populated by benevolent seniors who play golf in their back yards, and choose low-income housing out of pure humility. The fact of the matter is, they attract the dregs of society like a giant porch light attracting moths.

Trailer park tenants can be broken down into five categories.

Category One: the potheads. Strangely, they don’t seem to care that their plants are clearly visible, and poking through every orifice of the trailer.

Category Two: the slackers. Television is their life, even though they’re been so doped up by category one that they haven’t registered anything since the final episode of “M*A*S*H”.

Category Three: the crazies. Typically living in portable trailers, for no other reason than to shake them wildly when the fevered dreams come.

Category Four: the missionaries. These live in the “high-end” district of the trailer park. Representatives of the Mormon religion, they wander two-by-two through the wilderness, often thinking back to the great one man conversion of ’89.

Category Five: the hippies. Closely related to category one, except this group grows pot only for themselves (It’s strictly medicinal – treatment for their cocaine and heroin addictions).
A strange smell wafts through the air. The echo of gunshots. A half-naked man stumbles drunkenly down the road.

Welcome to trailer trash town, may I take your order?
by fetusboy February 20, 2006
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