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When a member of the Beatles is thinking of or making a new song, or thinking in general
John: sminking of... Sminking?
Everyone else: *laughs
by ♥🗺☠ December 19, 2020
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When you look at scp-001, knowing it causes cardiac arrest followed by death, and your father is in a hospital emergency room for cardiac arrest
Something's wrong, I can feel it. I think my father has died, but I haven't been updated of it yet
by ♥🗺☠ May 24, 2021
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Driving weirdly-shaped tanks through the British wasteland
Crap, we shouldn't have sold robots to the public, they destroyed everything. Gotta keep going through the steamlands, and destroying the weird tanks
by ♥🗺☠ January 9, 2021
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A thick liquid; the thick liquid you have in the process of making beer, whether homemade, at a bar, or in a factory
After three days, it has fermented into a thick liquid they call-
tape rewinding
-fermented into a "thiquid" they call beer.
by ♥🗺☠ August 4, 2021
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Joe Biden won't be assassinated during his term
This post will not age well. That is because of a phenomenon known as the curse of Tippercanoe. This curse says that every 20 years, the president will suffer a misfortune of being assassinated during their term. This started with William Henry Harrison in 1840 who died a month into his term, and so on. Ronald Reagan is the only president to survive this curse
by ♥🗺☠ March 9, 2021
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Driving a tank through the ocean to fight people in unrealistically oversized battleships and aircraft carriers
Spy: sir, the TankBlitz is coming over
General: shit, get the aircraft carrier.
Admiral: which one?
General: are you stupid? the one larger than the island of Australia
by ♥🗺☠ January 9, 2021
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