a phrase you say after reading your fortune cookie out loud.
Mom: Honey what does your fortune cookie say?
Jimmy: "Your future looks bright and prosperous... in the bedroom"
Mom: We are never coming to this Chinese restaurant again!!! Thats terrible!!!!
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The 2nd phase after coming out. When you have come out to people but not quite everyone you know.
Jenn is out of the closet but she is still in the bedroom
by Stonerbean420 April 6, 2019
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The room in your house where you sleep and keep your clothes. Bedrooms usually have a closet in them.
I need to go check my bedroom to make sure everything is still there.
by David March 6, 2004
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what you say after a sentence or an add on to ''thats what she said!''
"I had a great time last night!"
"thats what she said!"
"In the bedroom!"

by Mb9901 February 5, 2011
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When you enter someone's bedroom with the opposite sex and start having fun or having sex
Hey where'd they go

Bro they jus went in the bedroom
by Bod23 April 30, 2019
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