Short for homework, which is annoying but will prevent you from working behind the counter at your local McDonald's or Wal-Mart when done.
I do my HW every day. It's annoying, but there's a thing called acceptance, dammit.
by dj gs68 October 22, 2003
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Abrevation for homework, given to you by teachers, from a school.
I gotta go do my hw.
by MelRike February 25, 2003
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Delivers pizza, crisps and snacks. c.f. Useless Spanner, sucks.
by dpfs April 22, 2013
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home weed
a.k.a. homemade weed
person1: i have alot of hw
person2: that's too bad
person1: not really
by t(' 't) September 24, 2005
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Abbreviation of 'homework'. Or 'nuisance'.
I can't get A's without doing my HW. I might be a lot more cheerful, however, if I took a break some days. In fact, I sometimes consider waiting until the lunch period to do it. Hmmm...

I always end up doing it at home.
by Diggity Monkeez January 15, 2005
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HW is an abbreviation for the term “hotwife.” A “hotwife” is a female in a committed relationship whose partner allows and often encourages her to sleep with other men. A hotwife is not the same as polyamory.
“Oh Ken knows that his wife is sleeping with her coworker, she’s a HW.”
by Anony1001 October 4, 2020
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Stands for "Hard working syndrome". A disease that will keep you real busy working 36 hours per week and erning some hard money. Used by Hank Hill on King Of The Hill.
Hi, I'm Hank Hill and I'm suffering with hws. I love selling propane and propane accessories.
by TravisOx January 16, 2009
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