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The person in BDSM who dominates or controls the wordsubmissive/word partner. A dominant can be either a full-time Mistress or Master, or simply a top (the person doing the tying up or whipping, etc.)
The best kind of dominant is confidant and mature in their street life, too.
by Aileen April 21, 2003
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A euphemism for β€œkill me” now that composting oneself after one’s death has become popular.
All right, why don’t you just compost me?
by Dr Bunnygirl March 22, 2020
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Within the BDSM world the Dominant sets behaviours, customs and rituals involving the submission of one person to another in an erotic episode or lifestyle. Physical contact is not necessary and instruction can be carried out via telephone, emails etc. However, it can be an intensely physical relationship crossing into sadomasochism. Both parties take pleasure or erotic enjoyment from dominating or being Doninated. The superior position is called Dominant while those who take the subordinate position are called submissive.
A submissive may say. "I trust my Dominant as I know ultimately their decision is the best thing for me."
by BeachChat January 09, 2019
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Someone who likes to take control over the other partner in the relationship. Usually a male who like to act sexual and in charge over the other person
damn owen, you sure are dominant when you slam me against the closet and tie my hands up
by sexybella555 January 11, 2019
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When something is either good, very good, or absolutely awesome.
Pat Carey: Dude, you ever hear of bagels n butter dude?
Turner: Um... yeah.
Pat Carey: Dude, it's DOMinant.
by Cheeno Terriblo July 16, 2009
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A dominant is Dwight with a box of KFC chicken in a shelf if you come close he'll jizz on ya in defence
Vote yo Nama man who is a dominant is in control
by Lord yobama July 20, 2019
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