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The person in BDSM who dominates or controls the wordsubmissive/word partner. A dominant can be either a full-time Mistress or Master, or simply a top (the person doing the tying up or whipping, etc.)
The best kind of dominant is confidant and mature in their street life, too.
by Aileen April 21, 2003
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When something is either good, very good, or absolutely awesome.
Pat Carey: Dude, you ever hear of bagels n butter dude?
Turner: Um... yeah.
Pat Carey: Dude, it's DOMinant.
by Cheeno Terriblo July 16, 2009
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A nigga who ain't shit and will leave u over the prettiest of things. The most unloyal nigga you'll ever meet although he doesn't get hoes.
Dominant is the most unloyal person you'll meet.
by Dominant April 19, 2017
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