Some one you want to be with but you know that you can’t be with
by Barry mcokner March 26, 2020
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The Maximum amount of allowed alcohol in your blood (BAC) in most strict States, including mine Illinois while driving before getting a DUI or DWI.
Hipster: Damn dude I just blew a .38 off all that PBR.

Officer: Limits .08, get the fuck in the back of the squad car.
by You know who it is 2 August 2, 2008
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Madden NFL 08 is the 19th installment in the highly praised football series, Madden NFL. Released on August 14, 2007, Madden NFL has received high praise from critics. The game was popularized once again by famous YouTuber Scott the Woz and is one of the running games on the channel.
"I love Madden 08!"
"Me too!"
"Hey we should start a Madden 08 club!"
by cosmitree April 22, 2019
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German slang for something very simple, poor and "not special".

History: This slang comes from the German military. The 08/15 was a standard Machine Riffle, that was first produced in 1908 and later modified.
It was the first standardized industrial product and the birth of the german DIN (=German Industrial Standard).
The soldiers dind't liked it very well, so it became a slang for something that is very common.
by Tempesta May 2, 2004
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"Hey do you wanna play madden 08?" -probably some cool guy from Ohio named Scott
"Only if it's on the Gamecube!" -Some other guy
by idkwhattoputheremayo July 4, 2019
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08 7 means having the desire to eat a bucket of dicks. The 8 being number of dicks a day and 7 being the number of days a week.
I have never witnessed anyone with more 08 7 than my friend David.
by Dara Lique November 27, 2018
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National Jedag Jedug Day

jedag jedug is a way of editing mostly used among Malaysian and Indonesian teen citizens. It is a way of editing which includes fantastic beats along with pictures and videos. As today being the National jedag jedug day, make your own!! commonly made using alight motion and capcut apps.
Abigail : Rafidah, do you want to make a jedag jedug edit?

Rafidah : Why? Isn't that for rempit people only?

Abigail : Don't be cruel, jedag jedug is fun!! It has good beats and sometimes can be very catchy. Today January 08, which is Jedag Jedug National day. Should we do it?

Rafidah : Okay let's do it bestie.

Abigail : We should post it!!

Rafidah : Yes I already posted it on my ig the @rfiiwon one
by theirprettiestfriendfr January 8, 2023
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