(Literary Response Analysis) A quick examination test, commonly based on novels, articles, and memoirs, taken in honor classes which then becomes the epitome of fucking wanting to kill yourself but so happen to get a decent grade on.
John: Hey! Did you finish your LRA?
Also John: No, I don't even understand what the damn prompt is asking.
by Noodle_King December 08, 2016
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A guy that is awesomely awesome. He's the greatest guy you'll ever meet, and ladies, you'll fall for this one. He'll be the one you want to be with for the rest of your life. He has dangerously good looks, but can have a temper at times. Killer is usually a nickname, but the ladies consider him a king so it gets added to it. Any girl who is with this stud is dubbed as his 'Killer Queen'. He's an awesome friend. You'll go to him if you have a problem or just to hang out, cuz he's so full of fun. Can also be kind of shy around new people, but once you know him, you'll love him.
Girl 1: "He's such a Killer King, I wish I could be his Killer Queen."
Girl 2: "I know right? And I think that new girl is his Killer Queen."
Girl1 and Girl 2: "Lucky."
by Kimiko_7392 December 08, 2011
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The sound made by the clapping buttcheeks of an overwieght stripper.
Dude she's gets extra cash for all the phloping I hear.
by NiggaLlamass November 06, 2013
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Renzo, or RenZZo comes from the Latin Lawrence, wich means covered with laurel. Or also the greatest man alive. So if you now any Renzo, be glad that you do, since they are very important character and there isn't many.
Renzo is the gratest man alive!
by Renzo Davila April 07, 2005
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Susan Olsen is an absolutely adorable person. Susan Marie Olsen (born August 14, 1961) is a former American child television actress and current animal welfare advocate. Olsen is best known for her role as Mike & Carol Brady's (played by Robert Reed and Florence Henderson) youngest daughter, Cindy Brady, on the 1970s television sitcom The Brady Bunch for the full run of the show, from 1969-1974.

Born in Santa Monica, California, the youngest of four children, with two older brothers Larry and Christopher (fourteen years older) and a sister Diane. Her brother Christopher was also a child actor, perhaps best known for his role in The Man Who Knew Too Much.

Olsen now resides in Los Angeles with her son Michael (born 1996) who was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome in 2004. They have a dog Trevor and a cat Tabitha.

She stays in touch periodically with all the cast members, and in 2007 headlined a mother-daughter cruise to Greece for Princess Cruises with her TV mom, Florence Henderson.
Susan Olsen AKA Cindy Brady
by bradybunchlover November 23, 2010
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comment-say-shun, Noun, To have a conversation via Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc in the comment area. Usually results in useless notifications to people not taking part in the commentsation.
Hey, maybe this commentsation was a bad idea...
by Googleyes545354378 November 18, 2009
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to walk around between 1 and 6 am, to find open cars with valuables to be sold usually by drug fenes who are desperate for cash
we need sum biks, lets go on a bunsen
by off guts November 23, 2008
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