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furries are anthropomorphic animals, who have a special intrest in animals with human-like qualitys. Many people believe that part of being furry partakes in a sexual side. Amittidly it does happen but not all furries are interested or enjoy the more sexual side of the fandom.
Furries also may partake in conventions, fursuiting, and fur meets. In which they gather and hang out or disscuss events that partake in the fandom or a general topics of the world.

All in all the furry fandom is not all about sex and actully a surprising amount of furs did not even learn about the sexual side untill they were deeper in the fandom, dispite what the latter definition says. The furry fandom is one of the biggest parts of my life and is considered my life nomatter what people say!
by maxx that craxy snowleopard August 04, 2011
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Furries are a group of people who enjoy anthromorphic characters and sharing their lives into the hobby. Aka The Furry Fandom. The media is famous for looking at the more minisculed opinioned furries who take the hobby into perverted levels. The majority side of the fandom consists of artists, role players, and talents of all sorts.

"Fursonas" are the characters they represent as themselves or other things. Artists make personal art of other characters when asked to do so, for a price of course. Furry artists who actually have talent get away with getting around 10-30 dollars every time they make a piece of art. Because furries are so prideful in their work, stealing ones art (calling it your own, not telling who the artist was in the post, tracing the original work, ect.) will result in you getting harassed to the point of hopelessness.

Amungst the website consists of groups special for warning each other of people stealing art, bullying, scamming, ect. Furries sure are serious business when it comes to drama. You think you hate furries and how they want to have sex with everything? Well the fandom has a name for those furries and they're called "Basic Furs". Furries will no doubt attack and report consitently on anyone who is disgustingly perverted, and are so aggressive they only make things worse.
Person A: The furry fandom wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't any drama or perveted porn seekers.
Person B: Then there wouldn't be a fandom at all.
by Fionnathefurry October 10, 2016
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The furry fandom is a subculture interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.
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by DictionaryPuppy January 31, 2018
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An internet based subculture that is dedicated to the art and appreciation of anthropomorphic animals. They're commonly express themselves through the creation of self-created art, music, costumes, characters, videos, stories and have actually brought a lot to the table, in terms of economy, raising money for charities, and helping those who feel socially isolated get out of their shell.

A minority within the fandom takes it to the extreme, and usually integrates sex or thinking they're actually/spiritually animal into their works, which has shrouded the whole fandom with false misconceptions. Furries receive a lot of unwarranted hate, and at this point, are pretty much justified to make their own terrorist group that aims to stop the aforementioned hate.
Chris "I think that dude is a part of the furry fandom."
by BlenderThatBlendsThings June 24, 2018
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Also known as Carcinomas, This fandom is very cancerous and should be avoided at all times. Mostly 40 year olds or raging 8 year old kids who will dislike and hate on this definition.
The Furry Fandom has given my poor child cancer.
by DarkestShadows September 20, 2017
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The stylish new brand of bestiality taking the world by storm! Yes, some of them are completely disinterested in having sexual relationships with cartoons of anthropomorphic dogs, but in the same way that Mama June doesn't want to screw Honey Boo Boo! Their garb is furry costumes, leashes, and butt plug tails!
Guy 1: Shelia is hot! Think she's single?
Guy 2: No, she's not single because she has an online boyfriend named Shadow Claw who pretends to be a wolf with emo hair.

Guy 1: Why the hell would she like someone like that?
Guy 2: Because they're a members of the Furry Fandom.

Guy 1: Shit, once she grows out of this she's going to be so embarrassed. Anyway, I'd rather not date someone who'd prefer a date with my cat.
Guy 2: Good choice. Give her some time and she'll get through it.
by Liberal Lady Ann May 07, 2017
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