A way of expressing that the weather is cold.
It's chickens out here today, Mave.
by AW94 October 23, 2010
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The act of throwing pieces of fried chicken at passers-by, houses, windows or cars.
The lads went out with a bargain bucket and went chickening down the main street.
by King Gink December 7, 2012
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That one part from a Burger King ad that is usually sped up or slowed down in Tik Tok.

PS: It's usually catchy or stuck in people's heads most of the time.
W: Chicken chicken chicken chicken
X: Are you singing that burger king song again?
W: yes
by V1ncext February 1, 2023
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Chickenator is a Wendy'sBaconator burger, with an entire Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich stuff between the two meat patties of the Baconnator.

Very similar to the McGangBang, however the Chickenator is not a low budget menu item, but is considered the Holygrail of fast food sandwiches.

No other sandwich or innovation in the World of Fast food comes close to the Chicknator for quality and taste.

Nutirition Facts of the Chickenator
Weight: 550 grams
Fat: 85 grams

Calories: 1400

Was going to be named Wendy's GangBang, however the name was too distasteful.

Invented 2012 by Stan & Mike of Vancouver, Canada
I'm so hurry and looking for something that tastes awesome and will fill me up. The " Chickenator" is the answer to what I'm looking for.

The Wendy's "Chickenator" is a high class version of the McDonalds McGangBang.
by Stanslick January 8, 2013
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A kilogram of cocain. Dealers started calling kilos "birds" which then evolved into "chicken."
Person 1) How much you got left?

Person 2) A quarter chicken.
by DEKE April 11, 2005
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To lack courage and bravery. Unskilled, stupid, afraid, loser, coward
He was so afraid she thought he was a chicken.
by Freak Out Guy December 11, 2013
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