To be spiked/harassed at a club or bar
Babe, I got Raptured at Rapture last night!”

“Not again!”
by charleymcpope October 12, 2019
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stolen, enticed, a rape of the senses, a good feeling, a state of awesomeness, love, and all the above
by Holden Megroin December 14, 2009
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To disappear without reason; to disappear without an explanation; to vanish
"I took a dump, but when i got up, there was nothing in the bowl. I think my deuce got raptured"
by poachbox May 22, 2011
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To end one's life quickly. (As in walking in front of a car)
That guy better move before he gets raptured.
by ChappyLew October 23, 2011
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A place where a man is entitled to the sweat of his own brow.
Welcome to Rapture.
by Peaches Wilkins March 22, 2009
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The name of the 1981 #1 single by Blondie. The first rap song to hit #1 on the US Hot 100 and one of the first instances of white rap.
John: What’s your favorite song on ‘Autoamerican’?
Yoko: Hmmm... probably Rapture
by ...EyeSock... January 14, 2020
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When the meek shall inherit the earth, and the wicked will be no more.
That's OK, the fundies were planning on leaving any way.
by Downstrike October 5, 2004
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