Magical land of rugged highlands, misty castles, white sandy beaches, verdant green landscapes, endless stone walls, dotted with sheep and age old cottages to the north of England. With its meteor showers and northern lights, the night sky in Scotland is truely beautiful. Through the ages, it has produced some of the most brillant writers, philosophers, scientists, inventors, and actors in the world.

Scotland is distinct from England, as it has its own history, literature, legal system, educational system, building style, and heros.
Sean Connery, David Tennant, and Karen Gillan are some of the finest actors to come from Scotland in recent times.
by coloneljackmustard March 6, 2013
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Gaelic name Alba
Capital City Edinburgh
Languages English, Scots and Gaelic
Pop 5000.000(aprox)
Highest Peak Ben Nevis 1344 m (4409 ft)
Patron Saint St Andrew
Flag St Andrews Cross or Saltire, oldest National Flag in The world (still in use)
Nation State within the UK
Scotland has a long and bloody history with as much internal conflict as well as having to fend off repeated invasions from such foe's as the Romans,saxons,Vikings and the Anglo Normans English.
Scotland was an Independent Sovereign State until 1707 when the 'act of union' was agreed upon Joining Scotland with England and Wales to Form Great Britain.Although never popular with the common people The New State did bring Benefits for all three nations The British EmpireWas one such example with Scots playing a major role.By the time of the Industrial Revolution ,Scotland Was at the centre of innovation and invention.Glasgow became known as the second city of the Empire and The industry in Central Scotland and Clydeside made it known as the 'workshop of the world' Recent Times have seen a shift in the Nations fortunes With the decline of shipbuilding coal mines and steelworks being replaced with technological industries.
1999 witnesed the first Scots Parliament in Edinburgh in nearly 300 years.The current First Minister (at time of writing) is Jack McConnell
Having Read many Opinions on Scotland on here I thought I would Write a Factual One See Scottish Inventions for more insight to our unique heritage
by Alba gu Brath June 22, 2006
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Place where there’s tones o druggies nd dealers, a place where you can walk around and see a 13 year old smoking at find it completely normal, you may not understand us a the time but after a while you to know fit were sayin, also WE AINT ALL GINGER WALKIN AROOND WEARIN KILTS
Person: Did you know Glasgow, Scotland used to be the murder capital of Europe?

Other person: it’s nae surprising considering a the druggies
by Botched bitch June 26, 2019
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The Country that’s Above And on Top of England In every respect.
Jesus: But Father you have created this wonderous land with beautiful scenery and natural wonders, why are you so generous to these people?
God: Yes my Son! But wait untill you see the Neighbours I am giving them!
Scotland is the country on top
by william the wallace March 15, 2006
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Gaelic name: Alba.

The northernmost country of the United Kingdom. Reknowned for tartans/kilts(which men look stunning in!), the lovely Highlands, many languages (Gàidhlig, Scots),
and much grief from the English.

Americans are known to settle there because of less expensive homes. The country is already very mixed up with people; native Scots could eventually be overwhelmed.
"Latha Math!" (Good day!)
"I'm sorry?"
"Nach eil Gàidhlig agaibh?" (You don't speak Gaelic?)
"I'm afraid that I don't understand you, ma'am... I thought you people spoke English."
"We do speak English... and Gaelic was our original language before the bloody English came in!"
by Lorelili March 4, 2005
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Outnumbered n owned by the independent junkies, then there’s a massive gang of goths n emo’s you’ll find them at McDonald’s 4 corners watch they don’t slash you but, everyone’s always up for a scrap, get the junkies for a jump in
Person 1:You ever been to Scotland

Person 2: Aye mate am far there want a line??
by 211mertin112 August 4, 2019
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A word used when drinking alcohol. If you want someone, or multiple people, to finish thier drinks, you shout "SCOTLAND!" and whoever it is directed towards HAS to chug the rest of their drink.
Person 1 is babying their drink
Person 2: Come on man we gotta go, finish your drink!
Person 1: Dude chill, we're not gonna be late.
Person 2: Yeah I'm not taking that chance, SCOTLAND!
Person 1: .... Fuckkkkkk me *begins to chug drink*
by DKNovak May 21, 2016
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