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Eff the Exes Day!
A day to focus on your hate for your ex, and think about how they'll realize someday you are pretty much the Bee's Knees. A good day to get scandalous, go on many dates, and maybe texting your ex a Drunken hate text!
Joe: Hey John! Heard you got pretty messed up last night!

Josh: Yeah, I was celebrating National Eff the Exes Day.

Joe: There's a holiday called that?

Josh: Yeah every January 21st!

Joe: Cool! What did you do?

John: Well, I went on a super date with the entire college cheerleading squad, drank a 1.75 of Vodka, and finally texted my ex a pic of me giving her the middle finger whilst laying out a Cleveland Steamer on the Cheer Captain's chest!

Joe: HEYOOOH!!! Good riddance to that whore!
by CaptainBolar January 13, 2012
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