to be in the "zone"
-plastered, stoned, feeeling good
by zahooone October 21, 2003
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A cannabis strain with a low to low/med THC content. Dominatly a sativa over indica. Commonly known as zona or Arizona because of which the strain geographicly derived and still produced today from the state of Arizona. Zone is normally green with brown tricome hairs, miniscule seed production, and thrives in extreme heat. Plant itself has tall and thick stocks. A distinct smell, almost earthly taste, and budget prices makes it perfect to making edibles or low on funds.
Yo call up your connect. I'm broke and need some zone to smoke before bed.
by Kush954 October 18, 2015
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how police precints are broken down in atlanta
niggas rep they hoods by zones
zone 1 - 6
1 - bankhead\westside
2 - Downtown
3- Southside Oakland City, Sylvan Hills, Some of eastpoint\college park
4 - ben hill, adamsville, Westside
5- Downtown\Buckhead
6- Eastside Atl city limits
by ualreadyknow April 01, 2006
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To be performing perfectly in tennis.
I got bashed today bagel style in tennis. He was totally in the zone.
by MrPositive October 25, 2010
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As in cal-zone. Folded over za.
"Let's go to bella for a zone"
by jgbk June 13, 2006
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