The no-zone is when either you don't want to talk to someone or they don't want to talk to you. If someone friendzones you, instead of complaining about it, you can no-zone them and feel much better. Then you get a different girl to actually be your girlfriend. You can also chill out with your other friends.
I totally put that girl in the no-zone after she friendzoned me, and got another girl to be my girlfriend. I talked with my other friends about it and they said "put her in the no-zone".
by HawaiianPunch1 July 31, 2021
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Expression used to describe a state of consciousness where actual skills match the percieved performance requirements perfectly. Being in the zone implies increased focus and attention which allow for higher levels of performance. Athletes, musicians, and anybody that totally owns a challenge of physical and mental performance can be in the zone.
The Noodle Incident gets in the zone by warming up before a show.
by Kenny August 27, 2004
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Focused. On your game. In the "Zone".
"Everything I touch turns to gold. I am zoned in, homie."
by Greg B. December 20, 2005
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Zoning..... is where you stare at something, completely oblivious to the world around you, and oblivious to the fact that you are staring at something, whilst either thinking about nothing and being in a kind of trance, or being in deep thought. "Zones" can last either a few seconds or a few mins. At the end of it, you suddenly realise your zoning and snap out of it, coming back to the real world
(after a minute of doing nothing, Joel suddenly jerks his head up)
Scott: Zoning again man?
Joel: Yeah
by Eloquence August 30, 2006
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Term used to describe a state of mind whereby a person/machine is working/performing at peak or optimal performance. Usually applied to athletes, sportsmen/women. Not to be confused with the term high on drugs.
"Oh man that shot was lethal! He is IN THE ZONE"
by StickyGooPants June 13, 2004
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High;the cause and affect of some good weed.
That Blueberry bud had me zoning last night.
by sam November 7, 2003
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a state of mind which can be reaced with little difficulty. WHen you reach the zone your mind is at 100% focus on what you are doing and you have a massive increase in performance. Common place for reaching the zone are during sports and playing video games.
I reached the zone while playing toca and I shaved 3 seconds off my lap time. Then later, I was playing CS and reached the zone. My kills per round increased to about 5.
by Willy Wonka January 8, 2005
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