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Zoning..... is where you stare at something, completely oblivious to the world around you, and oblivious to the fact that you are staring at something, whilst either thinking about nothing and being in a kind of trance, or being in deep thought. "Zones" can last either a few seconds or a few mins. At the end of it, you suddenly realise your zoning and snap out of it, coming back to the real world
(after a minute of doing nothing, Joel suddenly jerks his head up)
Scott: Zoning again man?
Joel: Yeah
by Eloquence August 30, 2006
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High;the cause and affect of some good weed.
That Blueberry bud had me zoning last night.
by sam November 07, 2003
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the act of staring into space, lost in your own little world.
Neil was zoning all durring class until the teacher yelled at him.
by Spotlite April 28, 2004
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verb. the affects of adderal will make you "zone". you feel more able to concentrate and prepared for the task at hand. as people would say you are "in the zone". you body can also get tingly at times. you can accomplish things faster such as taking a test normal will take you 30 minutes on adderal it will take 15
Girl 1: How'd you do on the test
Girl 2: I think I aced it. I was totally zoning off those two pills
by inthezone March 24, 2009
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A state while playing video games where the player loses touch with reality, and their skilles increase to a greater power which in thus makes them un beatable
Man you got ouwned while playing against that gamer, I thought you were a gamer

I am he must be zoning
by Anonymous June 09, 2003
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Term used by chronic masturbators, especially males, to describe drifting into a trance while masturbating, usually while gooning. The focus is generally the masturbator's own penis and the intense pleasure it is giving, to the exclusion of all other stimuli such as pornography, cyber chat etc. Usually occurs during a session of edging.
I was gooning with my wankbud and suddenly I realised I had been zoning for about ten minutes.
by Southcoast July 05, 2010
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