16 definitions by Greg B.

Chunks of dried, white, gunk usually found in the corner peoples' eyesockets after sleeping.
Eugene is nice, but his crispies are straight out of control.
by Greg B. November 3, 2006
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Mediocre, sub-par, or just straight up whack. This term can be attributed to anything whose lack of quality or authenticity is comparable to that of items one might find in a gift shop.
"Juelz Santana's whack ass flow is gift shop, not hip-hop."
by Greg B. January 2, 2006
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An admirer of the talented indie-folk songwriter Sufjan Stevens.
Sean, a fan of indie pop and folk revival is, naturally, a huge Sufjanhead.
by Greg B. February 21, 2008
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An imaginary minority fraternity of homeboys who ain't got it (money, cars, clothes, hoes). Made popular by Kanye West
"Broke, Broke, Broke Phi Broke: WE AIN'T GOT IT!"
by Greg B. November 7, 2005
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acronym for "Play Your Position", or less commonly "Play Your Part".

Both mean "check yourself", or "act right".
You'on know me...PYP, kid.
by Greg B. January 1, 2006
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While guacamole is more solid with avocado, tomatoes, onions, chiles, spices, etc., Guacamolito is more salsa-like, more liquid in nature and used like a sauce atop of items.
"And it get's even awesomer when we take a deep-fried gordita shell, smear on a layer of our special guacamolito sauce, and wrap that around the outside!" Narrator, "Taco Town" commercial
by Greg B. February 8, 2008
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Questionable or offbeat behavior that may warrant shame and/or an apology.
Guy 1: Hey, sorry for hitting on your sister like that, man. I guess I could've at least waited until you and your parents left the room...

Guy 2: Yeah. Bad form, dude. Bad form.
by Greg B. January 14, 2008
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