16 definitions by Greg B.

Chunks of dried, white, gunk usually found in the corner peoples' eyesockets after sleeping.
Eugene is nice, but his crispies are straight out of control.
by Greg B. November 3, 2006
To steal.
The term "cop" means to obtain, and undercover implies secrecy.
To undercover cop something means to take it without anyone knowing: to steal.
I might have to undercover cop that when Akbar isn't looking..
by Greg B. September 12, 2005
long beach california. lbc has nothing to do with compton, it's all about long beach pride. have you ever heard anyone in c-town proudly refer to the lbc as their home? and even if it originally meant long beach crip, that meaning has since morphed to mean "long beach, california" as most people now abbreviate their hometown to the letters LBC.
I'm from the LBC.
by Greg B. December 9, 2003
a headache that will most likely require the OTC drug of the same name
"All that talkin' is gon' give me a tylenol.." - Kanye West "Celebration"
by Greg B. October 19, 2005
While guacamole is more solid with avocado, tomatoes, onions, chiles, spices, etc., Guacamolito is more salsa-like, more liquid in nature and used like a sauce atop of items.
"And it get's even awesomer when we take a deep-fried gordita shell, smear on a layer of our special guacamolito sauce, and wrap that around the outside!" Narrator, "Taco Town" commercial
by Greg B. February 8, 2008
acronym for "Play Your Position", or less commonly "Play Your Part".

Both mean "check yourself", or "act right".
You'on know me...PYP, kid.
by Greg B. January 1, 2006
"Fact shackles." (Portmanteau) - A necessary component of trustworthy journalism oft-relinquished by Fox News pundits to inflame right-wing sentiments.
"And once you free yourself from the fetters of fact shackles (or "fackles") in the present day, you'd be amazed by what you can do with the facts from the past!" - Jon Stewart, The Daily Show
by Greg B. April 9, 2010