the act of staring into space, lost in your own little world.
Neil was zoning all durring class until the teacher yelled at him.
by Spotlite April 29, 2004
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In a non-ordinary state of consciousness, especially one in which one is removed from physical reality; in a trance; out of it; out to lunch; dreaming while awake. Probably derived from 'The Twilight Zone', a TV program dealing with fantasy, science fiction, the occult, etc. Also 'zoned out', 'zoning'.
The driver of the truck that hit me seemed to be completely zoned -- the cops took him away, and left me sitting on the curb.

-- I'm by myself, but I'm not alone / I spend a lot of time in the Twilight Zone. -- (James Taylor)
by anarcissie January 19, 2011
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The place you go when you are high on weed
Welcome to The Zone
Population: You
Elevation: ????? ft
Founded: Now
by TheChronic1 June 22, 2009
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The no no zone refers to the intimate area between your legs. It was popularized when youtube user Overboard Humor produced numerous videos in which he said funny Youtube comments to strangers in public.
Among the said Youtube comments in the videos was: "I like to rub salsa on my no no zone."
by anonymous youtube user November 21, 2013
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zoned is another word for stoned or high,
as in zoning out because you're stoned.
dude i was so zoned at ashley's party last night man
by abracadabralolled August 28, 2008
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N.Y. Nigga:Where you from Duke???

A.Z. Nigga:I'm Reppin The Zone Homez.
by Triple Sies June 10, 2008
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The state of Arizona.
Referring to Arizona.
New Mexico wanksta: "Yo, how zit goin my homie dogga gangsta g? How ya likin Albuquerque?

Arizona gangsta: "Dam shut the fuck up! Why you talk like that? I'm going back to The Zone...this place not even gangsta."
by Chizhi Worm April 25, 2009
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