I'm in Phoenix, Arizona and I'm definitely lovin' the Zone.

John and Cindy are from the Zone.
by Chizhi Worm April 27, 2009
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Another word for the 'Oyster Cards' the blue plastic cards used to travel in place of tickets on London underground and busses.
e.g. "I'm to hungover to drive, got your Zones?", or "I need to top up my Zones"

Sung to the tune of I Got Life by Nina Simone:
I got my arms, I got my hands
I got my fingers, got my legs
I got my feet, I got my toes
I got my liver, got my zones

Got life , I got my life
by Neilyneil July 23, 2008
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Your appearance. Your zones is your carefully sculpted appearance.
*Goes and sticks a twig in his afro*
"Hey man, don't mess with mah zones!"
by Dylan Hewson April 20, 2005
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An Atlanta Police Department patrol area that break Atlanta into different regions.
Zone 1: Westside
Zone 2: Northside
Zone 3: Southwest A.K.A. S.W.A.T.S. Da Bricks
Zone 4: Southside
Zone 5: Downtown
Zone 6: Eastside

Niggas dat don't believe. Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlanta_Police_Department#Zones. I know for a fact zone 3 is not southeast or considered College Park or EP, thats zone 4 buddy
by Mr. Jackson Da Bad Guy July 12, 2008
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to be in the "zone"
-plastered, stoned, feeeling good
by zahooone October 21, 2003
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1) Used to express a state of extreme relaxation

2) To describe a certain individual's personality

3) Indulging in the use of marijuana

4) Used to describe the effects of marijuana on an individual
eg. 1) "I just want to zone after exams"

eg. 2) "Ah swear, he real zone"

eg. 3) "Am gonna zone dawg!"

eg. 4) guy1: "What happened to him?"
guy2: "he hit sum kush a whle ago, nw he just zone"
by guyfromtrini June 11, 2011
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Zone is short for the "Friend Zone". Usually when a boy tries to be so called woman's boyfriend, but miserably fails and ends up becoming her best friend instead. Being stuck in the zone is really a bad position, because if a guy stuck in the zone pulls a move on the girl, they will probably end up never talking again, even as best friends. Usually this will result in chronic masturbation.
Guy : Hey, we should go on a study date sometime, I'm in my zone!
Guy : Haha yeah *gets a boner through sweatpants*
by arsalansiddiqui July 08, 2015
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