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One of the worst low budget movies ever made... The guys in the movie tried way to hard to be funny and they were not funny at all....
Instead of seeing Napoleon Dynamite, see Donnie Darko. NOw thats a good low budget movie ;)
by Kenny January 1, 2005
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Aka. Wee fanny, cunthole, kev, scally, etc.
Dinnae ca' us neds ya fuckin' plamph!
by Kenny September 7, 2004
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a movie i made with some friends, also a penis that is as long as it is wide, and it isnt usually very large for either of these.
his chode tasted like salt, and its also the best movie ever.
by Kenny December 22, 2003
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when u get your clothes ripped off of you and u get raped in a dumpster
im gonna pouty tang your ass
by Kenny April 20, 2004
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A alternative slang word for OK. Originated from Comedy Central's South Park Counseler Mr.Mackey
Now kids, if I didn't know any better I'd say you were smoking, mm'kay?
by Kenny August 21, 2004
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