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to hit someone on the back of the head
this must heart or it is not a swab
jack: bahdgahasbjgfds sahgfdui

me: shut up or i will swab you

jack: ..........
by sam May 21, 2004
you pargel
by sam May 31, 2003
samuel mckerr ..............the one and only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wheres the mirror
by sam June 11, 2004
A move in chess where you knock over the opponents pieces with your nutsack.
Finklehelm - 'Ha ha, checkmate'
Marmaduke - 'Oh no, you got me with the old nuttsacker...'
by sam March 17, 2005
if something is, or could be said to be a pleb, it most probably posses plebic qualities.
yeah, msn will refuse to enable now-playing without windows media player 7

by sam July 8, 2005
A nickname given to Buthorne by the coolest, funnest, and sweetest people in the world. (For the band)
Hey Blowpop, pass the candy!
by sam March 26, 2005
Used to describe video games which contain lots of graphic violence that are actually fun
That combo you just unleashed was killorific
by sam December 11, 2003