489 definitions by sam

New Matching System For Warcraft III Thats Completely Sucks Ass!!
Damn My Rec Has Goteen Fucked Since AMM
by sam June 17, 2004
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Cutest old guy i have ever seen, would love to spend a night with him.
Best part of ACDC.
by sam December 06, 2003
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A popular, free webserver that runs the majority of websites.
Microsoft only dreams of creating some as good as apache.
by sam September 30, 2003
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Cello quartet from Finnland. Classically-trained, Eicca Toppinen, Paavo Lötjönen, and Perttu Kivilakso combine metal, rock, and (modern) classial music into what they are today.
to hell with metallica; let apocalyptica write some of their own music.
by sam May 25, 2004
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The place where underage hicks go to spend their time. Features many drug addicts and skanks. Fights and making out in the hallways almost daily.
I wouldn't be caught dead at Argenta High School.
by sam April 19, 2005
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Australian Record Industry Association. Just like the RIAA, but they don't sue 12yo girls.
Tbe ARIA is one of the better record companies.
by sam October 04, 2003
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