Something that people make up to create problems for other people.
The court considered a minor crime an 'incident', just because it was a little against the law.
by judenihal February 9, 2009
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A shocking death of a young celebrity. Different people have their own incident. For some people it's Michael Jackson, for some it's Kurt Cobain, for some it's Tupac, for some it's Jimi Hendrix. It can be any celebrity death that angered you, when that celebrity was young
K: Man Jimi Hendrix had a big incident
A: So did Kurt Cobain
K: So did a lot of musicians
A: Do you think anyone else had one?
K: Lots of people
by Adam buckley July 15, 2017
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Incidences is a hybrid word (instances and incidents) that attempts to add importance and intellectual heft to a person's otherwise dull pronouncement. You hear this word all the time especially on newscasts where the host tries to sound important by using a bigger word than necessary.
" The incidences of credit card theft have risen dramatically since the influx of immigrants from Upper Freedonia have entered the neighborhood once know as Little Albania."
by jochthsi July 11, 2013
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we dont talk about the incident
Man1:What the hell is the "incident"?
man2:Shh... we dont talk about the incident...
by gloop man June 27, 2020
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hey man lets go to the incident this weekend...
by arnie69 September 25, 2006
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the time that my friend accidentally got stuck upside down on some fitness equipment. Her top flew down to her face and a lot of boys saw her bra. Then the the teacher (male) had to lift her by her feet and put her back on the ground. My other friend peed her pants from laughter.
OMG! Did you hear about The Incident!?
by i am just a sad lonely egg September 24, 2020
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Originating in a photoshop contest back in December 2002. The contest began as normal, with the usual clever but innocuous submissions. Until one unfortunate soul attempted to submit a picture of an amended Star Trek magazine cover, with the caption "where no man has gone before". Sadly, the picture that was actually submitted was a graphic close-up of a man with a very large pickle (or more likely, a cucumber) inserted into his ass.

The caption remained.
"That was possibly the biggest mistake ever made by anybody since The Pickle Incident."
by Nick C December 2, 2004
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