Diminutive slang for a canine; similar to doggy or pup. Seems to be more common in Canadian and British English than American.
Alex wondered where her woofy (or woofies) had gone, but then noticed she'd left the front gate open.
by Trickster Wolf November 20, 2009
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Adjective form of approval for gay man with a high "Woof!" potential; generally expresses a gay man's admiration for a particularly virile gay male like a hairy-chested bear or well-defined muscle daddy. The woofy object of admiration is more likely to be older rather than younger than the woofer (admirer).

See also Woof!

"Okay, so who's woofier: Blake Nolan or Tim Kelly?" --

"Hard to choose, dude, they're both so woofy. I wouldn't kick either out of bed."
by al-in-chgo February 26, 2010
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a multi-purpose word for the use of such things as;
1. making your friend laugh
2. knowing when to leave somewhere
3. filling a silence
4. a verb
1. person a: what shall we do today?

person b: WOOFY

2. *after walking into a shop and knowing that you mutually want to leave but not wanting to seem rude*
person a: woofy?

3..... woofy.

4. person a: well i had a woofing good time.
by charlie kaufman July 4, 2009
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A vagina or pussy that is hairy; unshaved.
Tom: "Dude did you beat that?"

Bob: "No she had a woofy."
by Brent Furgeson June 25, 2007
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Asserting oneself as dominant, superior, or otherwise better than the other.
Yo cracka - you gettin' WOOFY wit me?!
by Phil McCracken January 24, 2005
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One bad ass Counter Strike and Strategist. He is capable of designing and strategizing the best of maps. His cunningness and brightness are his strengths. While not pwning at the videogames, he is smiting people as 'Zeus' or making people feel completely inconsiderate
W u f e O: You insubordinant crack-sniffling dung-eating penis wrinkle of an idiot.
W u f e O: No. You think I care?
W u f e O: You think you can even think
W u f e O: Cause I don't think you can think.
W u f e O: Cause you are incapable of thinking.
W u f e O: You know what that means, don't ya?
by Woofy March 25, 2004
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The 31337 mofo from the underworld; one who has come back in the form of a most awesome wolf. He plays games like Quake III, Half-Life, Counter-Strike, and Starcraft.
The name of a person who is l337 in all aspects, one who has a stable logical mind. It is one who is sophisticated, and understanding.
woofy, you h4x man don't try to hide it.
by millies June 21, 2003
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