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Origin probably military. A book soldier is a person caught up in details and procedures, but lacking in experience and insight. Typically used disparagingly, a book soldier typically is a bureaucrat or official of small import enforcing petty rules that the objects of his/her decision see as virtually meaningless. As a result of, or in compensation for, this focus on minute details, the book soldier secures his or her reputation by being, or described as being, head-smart not street-smart, or educated fool, or drone, lacking empathy and grace.
"Second Lieutenant Johnson" was the classic book soldier: He knew ROTC protocol but nothing about actual warfare, or how to handle a platoon for that matter. If he can't find it in the manual, he freaks out. That's why Sarge calls the shots."

"Jason is a sweet person in real life but at work, in Human Resources, he is a total book soldier. He told me once that one of the staff missed making Employee of the Month because of a two-minute discrepancy between the time clock and the sign-in sheet. I guess in a job like that, it pays to be anal, but fortunately that's not the Jason I usually see."
by al-in-chgo September 11, 2010
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Literary slang for "came" (or "cummed")," or "had orgasm." The anti-hero in Anthony Burgess' dystopian novel, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE (played by Malcolm McDowell in the movie) 'broke and spattered' at the end of intercourse.
"So I was doing my girlfriend, and I had been humping away for about half an hour -- "

"Dude, you have great discipline. I would have broke and spattered after five minutes!"

by al-in-chgo March 12, 2010
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from car TRUNK + trick OR TREAT. A style of Halloween trick or treating where children solicit candy and other goodies not from households but from car trunks in an entertainment style similar to tailgating. Trunk or treating has its origins in late 1990s Utah but has since spread to some other locales, generally small towns or suburbs in the Midwest and South. To host a trunk-or-treat event, a sponsoring entity (usually a local church) will offer its parking lot on Halloween afternoon and evening. Participants agree to bring their cars and stock the trunks with candy. A growing custom, there are now websites devoted to explaining the ritual and offering tips for decorating car trunks in Halloween themes.
"Jimmy won't be home 'til almost dark. He's going to trunk or treat with friends."

"Do you mean trick or treat?"

"No, trunk or treat. The kids go to church parking lots and get their candy from the parents' car trunks."

"The younger generation has it too easy, if you ask me."
by al-in-chgo November 2, 2013
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Utah fry sauce (also "fry sauce") is a mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup in a 2:1 ratio generally meant for dipping french fries and onion rings, although it can be put on hamburgers. It is attributed to the Utah-based fast-food chain Arctic Circle ca. 1948. However, it also resembles a simplified version of pre-existing Thousand Island dressing. According to Wikipedia, similar sauces are widely known elsewhere, including "mayoketchup" in Puerto Rico, "Burger Sauce," "Pink Sauce" (also "Salsa Rosada" in S. American countries), even "Cockteilsauce."
Provo drive-through loudspeaker: "Would you like _eye _oss with that, Sir?"

Out-of-town customer: "What?"

Loudspeaker: "Utah fry sauce, Sir? Or maybe you'd prefer ketchup? ... Or both?"

Out-of-town customer: "That's fine, thanks."
by al-in-chgo April 28, 2014
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Feeling mixed emotions, conflicted. Often implies an inability to feel and express primary emotions (love, fear, anger) without dissonant conflicts brought in from earlier issues or experiences.

Recent TV ad:

"I just got a text from my BFF Becky. She said she just kissed Johnny. That's a problem, because I like Johnny, and Becky's not even hot. Now I'm emotionally compromised (smashes pink SUV into completely innocent person's car in mall parking lot)."

by al-in-chgo August 23, 2010
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Roughousing, sometimes mock-wrestling, usually between two boys of similar age. "Horseplay" at first glance looks like actual fighting or wrestling until the more playful "fooling around" element become visible, but horseplay sometimes can deteriorate into real fighting.

A Midwestern urban regionalism means the same but includes a "get your back" connotation: grabass. No one considers that homoerotic.
"I told you, boys, no horseplay standing in line. You're not getting into the theater if you don't stop fooling around like that."
by al-in-chgo August 18, 2010
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Common misspelling of "detumescence."

See "detumescence."
"There's a typo in your script. You wrote "detumecence" when it should have been "detumescence."

"Oh, no one will catch that."

"Just you wait and see."

by al-in-chgo March 20, 2010
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