miniaturized garden gnomes
You know, the lil woofy, out there by the tomato plant?
by Shelby and Jordan January 12, 2007
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When your woo-woo significant other influences your decision making. This can impact your diet (smoothies instead of burgers), your business decisions (impact investing instead of VCs), your purchasing habits (Tesla instead of Porsche), and your general well-being (you meditate now.)
Corporate Employee 1: hey did you see that meditation Mondays are now mandatory here?

Corporate Employee 2: yea, the CEO got woofied by his yogi second wife. The vending machine only has green juice and vegan snacks now, too.
by rachelgreenfromfriends August 22, 2022
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woofie is a name for a nb person. the person who has the name normally is really kind, supportive, friendly and gets bullied the most. they might not know the best but they always stand their ground and try to do the right always. they love all of their friends
random person: who's woofie?
me: woofie is a wonder person and I think you'll love them as a friend, I sure do
by alexismightbegay May 30, 2020
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(woo fee): "cool" or "good" or "awesome"
A: Have you heard that new Black Eyed Peas?

B: Yea, that shit is woofy!

A: Have you been to that new club?

B: Yea, it's woofy as hell in there!
by TedEye June 22, 2011
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A pet name for the most desirable man on the planet.
I love you woofie c:
by banananananpeeel December 29, 2017
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acronym for Well Off Older Folks
Fred's parents made great financial decisions early in life, causing them to become woofy's. They are currently spending Fred's inheritance, causing Fred to have ballistic coniptions.
by silvergatlin October 1, 2003
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freakishly obsessed and bitchy with someone one of the same sex
dude what the fuck!! you guys are gettin a little woofy on me?!?
by Freddyboy!! March 3, 2008
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