All talk no action. Saying you're gonna do something and not do it.
"Jeah he was talking about what he was gone do... his ass was woofing tho"
by Jbizzle44 November 30, 2007
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The act of repeatedly lying or exaggerating beyond comprehension. Derived from the incorrect pronounciation of the expression: "you're crying wolf" (pronounced "woof", missing the "L" sound).
Ed told everyone that he wasn't attracted to men, but when we caught him kissing Bruce we knew he was woofing.
by TheEdK July 27, 2010
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Relentless pursuit of potential targets by eligible batchelors.
Bloke 1: are you here to go sailing or just to go woofing
Bloke 2: rule one, always go woofing
by iamjg January 3, 2014
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Woof woof is very similar to grrr as in it means whoever is on the receiving end of it is looking mighty fine. You are also very likely to get laid a lot if people say woof woof to you. It's probably best used towards men however as you dont want the woman to think you mean she is dog which is completely different
You see Johnny Lee Miller, that fit guy out of Shameless or Freddie Ljungberg looking particularly shaggable simply say without the addition of any other words......
Woof woof!
......a deep dirty laugh to follow can add to the impact
by Sue Sutherland January 18, 2005
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An expression of negativity. An exclaimation of disapproval of the current situation at hand.
Forgot to take my birth control for two days. woof woof.

Dude I have to work this weekend, can't go to dayglow woof woof.
by eillomz May 12, 2011
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when a flacid man stands up and violently moves his hips back and forth to make his dick and balls slap his stomach and ass.
My girlfriend asked me to woof woof. It was demeaning. She laughed.
by godemmitiwannabeballs. July 24, 2010
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