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The satanic super computer of Brussels holding and tracking information on everyone in Europe... Possibly even the world.
The Beast is watching.
by woofy November 07, 2003
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One bad ass Counter Strike and Strategist. He is capable of designing and strategizing the best of maps. His cunningness and brightness are his strengths. While not pwning at the videogames, he is smiting people as 'Zeus' or making people feel completely inconsiderate
W u f e O: You insubordinant crack-sniffling dung-eating penis wrinkle of an idiot.
W u f e O: No. You think I care?
W u f e O: You think you can even think
W u f e O: Cause I don't think you can think.
W u f e O: Cause you are incapable of thinking.
W u f e O: You know what that means, don't ya?
by Woofy March 24, 2004
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