1: (v) Slang for having sexual intercourse, usually from the male perspective.
Carlisle: Hey Edward, see that girl over there?

Edward: Yeah, what about her?

Carlisle: Well she caught a stabbing from this guy(points double thumb at himself) last night.
by GAMER GOD3331 December 23, 2015
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When a person says something particularly harmful to someone they care about to either punish them, make them back off & weaken them, to see if they care through manipulation, or to simply just hurt them.
Bébé: well the game seems more real than you even tho it is something virtual
Moi: What's that supposed to mean? You're really stabbing me now?
by Killossal September 30, 2017
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the act of tagging graffiti with a black magic marker.
"hey st. peter, do you wanna go out stabbing at the trainstation today?"
by Sidenote October 9, 2006
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To take a knife, and poke something with it until they stop moving.
Woah, did you see him stab that guy? What a mess.
by Uller June 25, 2005
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When you get stabbed by like a thing with a point and it hurt
oh no I got become stabness
by fuckballsindaBDUSSY September 26, 2021
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Having sex with a chick, you stab her with your cock
Hey did you have sex last night.

Yea i stabbed her
by Danny February 3, 2005
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To use one's bonafied penis as a knife and pelvic thrust it into objects of affection.
Man Kyle Gibney is stabbing the hell out of that bowling ball.
by Lukey May 23, 2003
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