Just like a regular zebra, but it is red instead
When I went to the zoo, I was so disappointed that there were no Red Zebras only regular zebras.
by 70RedZebra's February 28, 2022
Red Zebra is an umbrella term and prefix used to describe a specific feeling or emotion. Words that fall under this term are; Knife, Gun, Tranquilizer Gun, Send em' to the zoo, Yellow Porcupine, Blue Moose, Green Tomato, Purple Lilypad.
Person 1: What kind of Red Zebra are you today?

Person 2: Oh, I'm a Green Tomato
by 70RedZebra's March 1, 2022
When you cum inside a girl on her period. The resulting flow of blood and semen coming out of her is known as a Red Zebra.
"Dude, screw red wings, I gave Stephanie a Red Zebra last night!"
by BillyxBlaze September 13, 2018
A person or situation you don't completely understand.
In certain situations a red zebra is something you THOUGHT you understood,but it turns out you don't.
I went out with Casey again last night,and she was acting weird. I think she's a red zebra.

I thought this was a World of Warcraft Party. What a red zebra.
by Caitlyn49341 August 2, 2008