Woman your friend's living with that he's practically married to but isn't officially. Quite possibly with her kids from a previous relationship. Not quite a wife but almost, which is why the e is left off.
I can go out tonight because the wif's taking the kids to the movies.
by The Dags July 10, 2015
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Means good and bad or at the same time, or anything for that matter. Wif could me shit or happy. You can tell what someone is talking about because of the tone in which it is said.
Wif can be used as any word in any sentance.

A: How are you today?
B: Very wif
A: That good to wif

And almost every word in this sentance

A: I wiffed my wif so wif that it can't wif.
by Rag P Trayberg November 11, 2004
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Ur doing that tt trend where you remove ur first and last letter of ur name and ur Lady Wifi
by Ace :> May 28, 2021
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it be when you go fishin and run outa bait.
Yo dawg you got any bait over der mang?

No I be running out of dat shit, use yur teef

Dats how you go fishin wif yur teef
by dashittiestshitshit July 19, 2010
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This is a Teamspeak meme which translates to "I give up, I can not possibly win this arguement". If this is said during an arguement, the arguement is over as the person who said it has admitted defeat.
Person 1: One plus one is 3...
Person 2: Are you fucking stupid? One plus one is two.
Person 1: Not gonna argue wif u.
Person 2: That's what I thought.
by Logan Robertson January 13, 2008
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Bunning wif diks is the equivalent of not caring or just straight out not giving a fuck.
Phrase was originally coined by Agne Jagelaviciute.
by SrDerp July 8, 2020
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woman i’d fuck
anna’s a wif, she’s so hot
by pseudo eboy July 15, 2019
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