The woman with whom you are willing to spend the rest of your life with, the woman that you don't want someone else to take her away from you, the woman that you find the most beautiful in this world, the woman who understands, makes your life complete and worth living till the end of it with her, the woman who is gonna be your soccer team's mother, and the woman that you are willing to give up your life for.

-You obviously married the wrong person if you think like the rest of the people here, so don't taint something as beautiful as the term "wife".
Police Inspector: Why didn't you report your stolen credit card?
Husband: The thief was spending less than my wife.
Inspector: Then why are you reporting it now?
Husband: I think now the thief's wife has started using it lol!
by Mr. Egalitarian February 9, 2017
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Someone who is willingly with you even in your worst days, someone who encourages you , takes care of you and starts a new life with you. Wife is someone who will love you and whom you will love , the whole of them even their darkest and ugliest part. It is a vow to always be with eachother .
"She is my wife. Isn't she beautiful?"
by PaintedDaisee April 21, 2018
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The love of your life and the women you want to spend the rest of your life with.

You obviously married the wrong bitch if she's anything like the other definitions you assholes have made.
My wife is wonderful! She loves me and we have so much fun together! I'm so lucky to have a wife!
by maggertins December 6, 2014
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A misspelling of the word "wifi", often caused by auto-correct.
"my wife just died"

"I think my neighbor is stealing my wife"
by Wise_ June 26, 2018
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Someone who is there for you no matter what! Companion, helper around the house, helps with kids, helps prepare meals. Someone who is inspires, postive, and always there to help you when your down. Wife doesn't determine sex. It's a partnership. Someone who is family regardless of blood relationship.
My best friend is the best wife a girl could ask for
by Positivey April 26, 2017
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The beautiful, inteligent, classy and fulfilling companion of a man that is wise enough to notice such qualities. Usually despised and hated on by the baby momma.
I found the woman that completes me, now I call her my wife.
by B-Real February 3, 2004
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