two seggsy people that are married and have an entire photo album dedicated to eachother
“omg are you guys wifs bc you are both so hot
“yes we are”
by caca ong asf March 14, 2021
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Top 5, either a good top 5 or bad top 5. Depends on the tone of voice.
Bro that’s wif!
Bro your in my wif!
Yes lets go! That’s wif!
by Adamsteak September 21, 2020
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First you have to FIF THE WIF how you FIF THE WIF is quite easy, you have to have your arms and legs in a hoodie and waddle around. Then to WIF THE FIF you have you go up to another FIFER and WIF their crotch.

After you WIF the crotch of the FIFER you have to do the sacred ritual to WIF THE CLIF how you do this is you have to jump off the cliff and beelieve you can fly

Now after you WIF THE CLIF you have to WIF THE DIF how you WIF THE DIF IS bit harder than FIFING THE WIF

To WIF THE DIF you have to die after you fail at WIFING THE CLIF you, you soon learned you did not BEElieve hard enough......

Ok after you realized you didn't BEElieve hard enough you turn into THE PIFER after you die you get reincarnated into a magical singing dragon named PIF

now you have BIF THE FIF you have to find another FIFER after you turned into a PIFER and BIF the FIFER to do this you bright (bite) the FIFER

After you BIF THE FIF the FIFER should bite you if not then you lucky... When you die from the FIFER that is called NIF THE FIF that's dieing of a FIFER
Hey can I WIF YO FIF
by Ohshc weaboo May 9, 2018
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