The most handsome and charming guy on earth, he's smart, funny and a wonderful person to fall in love with.
Clean your face, Nabil is coming.
No, Nabil is mine.
Nabil is hopefully my future husband.
by July 11, 2022
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Nabil is not like your average guy. He will make fun of you but also comfort you when you are hurt. He is brutally honest and does not sugarcoat things and sometimes it could be hurtful but you realize he does it out of care. His advices are very helpful and very well thought. He also pulls no bitches unfortunately and never had a girlfriend, not even in kinder garden which is kinda sad, but he has a close circle of friends who care very much about him.
Hey look it's Nobelium! We love him!
... we do?
Ig we kinda like Nabil he's okay
by nobelium April 12, 2023
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Nabil is the most handsome person in this earth, he is one of the 0.01 giga chads in this planet with maxed-out muscles and perfect 116 degrees jawline
dame, i just orgasmed when i looked at nabil
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A name of a bestie with a genuinely beautiful soul :”)) He is a wonderful son who loved eating shawarma on his way to tuitions that his dad would buy him :”) and is shy enough to not be able to admit he loves sleeping next to his mom when she feels down. Memories you have of the people you love and have loved won’t be forgotten. I’ll carry them in my heart for you if it’s too heavy.
“Is there anything you would want Nabil to know?
If our friendship ever ends, know that wherever you go and whatever you do, you shall always have my love and support, brother.”
by Brbrrrrr November 25, 2021
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the most beautiful man to exist. The perfect human. Probably in love with a girl across the world from him. Just like husband material.
‘that guys so nice’ ‘yeah he’s such a nabil
by ehmee May 10, 2023
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Nabil is a type of pigeon.
by heysir January 15, 2020
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Very handsome guy who is in love with Tugba. They match pretty well and will be together for aagessss. Lovelovelove
Nabil is very handsome
by Jjsjsjsjs February 25, 2017
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