- failing to capitalize on an opportunity due to ones own ineptitude or lack of self control
- missing an obvious opportunity due to lack of foresight
1. I would have birdied that hole, but I wiffed a 2 foot put.
2. I should have had that job, but I got really nervous and wiffed the interview.
3. I could have bought business.com back in 2001 for $200 but I wiffed and bought isurelovebusiness.com instead...I just thought it sounded better.
by theoneDub October 9, 2007
When your teammate is tryna trash talk you in a video game even tho he was the reason yall loss
Me: staunchyy stop wiffing
staunchyy: bro your such a ball chaser
Me: you literally set up shots for the other team
by lil toshi January 23, 2021
Come wif me into the ally where I will show you my peener.
by SeptiK September 8, 2003
I is wif none uva den me main man Pat Bushnan
by ,,,,,,,,,, March 24, 2007
A woman or man whom happens to be married to Ian.
* marriage happens *

by MikeIan December 12, 2019
Stands for "Work is for suckas". It is the phrase to voice one's own contempt for work yet bitter acceptance as a source of income.
coworker 1: "I have to go in early today to cover someone's shift."
coworker 2: "WIFS!"

friend 1: "Want to go get a cup of coffee?"
friend 2: "I can't, I'm at work."
friend 1: "Really? Why are you working right now?"
friend 2: "Because I've been working this same shift for several years now."
friend 1: "WIFS, man."
by notkasuo June 18, 2008
<IO-> wifs == teh gay
<wifs> mMmm... anal passage...
by io June 19, 2003