Someone who is not good at something because of lack of practice.
*example is too short. Whats too short about it? Rappers suck!
by SomeKid May 4, 2004
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Somebody who finds it difficult to intereact with us lesser mortals.
A nerd is someone who has Social ineptitude. A geek differes from them, in the fact that he/she doesn't have Social ineptitude
by Popelady June 26, 2011
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Conceptual and linguistic blunders made by a senior editor or managing editor, as a result of her limited content knowledge of the manuscript and poor grasp of the English language.
Rose resorts to office politics and apple polishing to make up for her editorial ineptitude in occupying the managing director position—she's been promoted to her next level of incompetency, where editors hope she'll cause the least damage to the editorial team.
by MathPlus July 20, 2017
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Colossal failure; likely to be terrible; overly critical of others to hide personal lack of virtue or likeability; see also Brad Dunkin
This team is unquestionably a huge sucking vortex of ineptitude.
by the Oracle of Awesome August 22, 2018
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When an individidual, Male or Female, lacks characteristics in the facial region that are considered appealing.
Cher has a severe case of Facial Ineptitude.
by Mr. Dr. Sos March 7, 2012
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