You say this in response to something someone tells you that isn't true nevertheless they want you to believe what it is they're lying about.
Him: Even though I clearly said Millennial, I am not a millennial. I honestly just have a foot-up-the-nose disorder. It's a very serious medical condition.

You: Whatever you say bro!
by He-ro December 7, 2018
The best response a Boomer or (Non-Boomer) can use when the trite "Okay Boomer" meme is thrown at them for insult. Can be used whether target is male or female.
Non Zoomer: I think people get easily offended these days. Climate change is natural and over hyped
Zoomer: Okay, Boomer
Non Zoomer: Whatever You say, Boy.
by RVAtimes January 26, 2020
This is a phrase used to agree to somebody's suggestion because you do not want to argue (much like the phrase: "Whatever you say"). However, when you think about it, it literally makes zero sense.
Person who is definitely less than 6 feet tall: " Yeah, I'm 6'5'' "
You: "Whatever you say so queso."
by Bubbhippo June 17, 2021
what joe kim said on the bus ride to wharton
2. pissed off dutch person
joe kim said whatever you say it dont mean shnat for the whole bus ride to wharton.
by joe May 1, 2004
🙄 Used as bored.
"Look, I have a lot of mail!" - (Person A (1 line))
"rolling eyes like "whatever you say"" -- (Person B (2 lines))
by Saetern May 23, 2018