1. Used to describe a 'real hotty' that is often a mystery. She brings this about, herself. A girl who, with the bat of an eye can flick a guy across the carom board of life.. and if he's lucky, he'll hit the pocket. If not, then he's left for the next shooter to take aim.. A Holly Golightly of the mind: (see Kelly Bulman). 2. Love isn't blind.. that's only for fools who trip over it. When a girl is shnat, guys trip.
It don't mean shnat if she ain't in your arms.

^ misuse, but true

She really is shnat, wouldn't 'ya say?
by kb1hnz March 3, 2005
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what joe kim said on the bus ride to wharton
2. pissed off dutch person
joe kim said whatever you say it dont mean shnat for the whole bus ride to wharton.
by joe May 1, 2004
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A person who lies about being either gay or lesbian in hopes to see the oposite gender nude.
That guy in class is a real shnat
Yah he’s a compete shnat no doubt about it
by Mr Mxyzptlk June 2, 2020
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