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On the internet - To view a full size image linked from a thumbnail or smaller image.
"Click to embiggen" or "Clicky to embiggen"
by joe November 23, 2004
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A talented rapper...but a hypocrite. He speaks out against the war (killing innocents), and then raps about killing his mother with a chainsaw, shooting anyone who "steps up", and strangling women off in a parking lot while not caring if its dark or not....One of two things is occuring; either he has multiple personalities, or he is extreme simply to sell records...I vote for the second. He also preached this year about civic duty (ie voting)...he is 32 and voted for the first time this year...Im 21 and Ive voted 2 times...He needs to stick to rap and stop commenting on things that matter because he looks like a fool. He is a good rapper, thats it...a good rapper...not a college professor or a politician...just a rapper (probably the best is some invidual opinions)...
by joe July 28, 2005
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On a bike or motorcycle, a reverse wheelie, on the front wheel instead of the rear wheel.
Yo. G bust an endo!
by joe August 21, 2003
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noob, likes to chat, porn man
"eradicator is chatting and looking at porn again!"
by joe March 1, 2003
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being cool, mackin` cousins, repping hard over the interweb and basically cooling people you hate, geeks
"bro that shit was es ehh"
by joe June 30, 2003
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I went to the retard house and helped all the almys.
by joe July 21, 2003
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