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You copied "double" and paste it
Double Double is a 2-word.
by Saetern May 20, 2018
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Opposite of :D or same way as :D
A: Will you get married?
B: Uh.. yes.
A: Okay! D:
B: -_-
A: What?
B: I've never married before.
A: You've never married before?
B: Never sir U_U
A: Come on sir, it'll be fun.
by Saetern May 26, 2018
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1: The 6th month of the year
2: Before June
3: After June
1: Today is June 2.
2: June is hotter than May.
3: July is hotter than June.
by Saetern June 3, 2018
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A 1337 way of typing "100"
I have lOO eyes.
by Saetern May 13, 2018
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N stands for Noun
nouns are amazing
by Saetern June 20, 2018
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