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You say this in response to something someone tells you that isn't true nevertheless they want you to believe what it is they're lying about.
Him: Even though I clearly said Millennial, I am not a millennial. I honestly just have a foot-up-the-nose disorder. It's a very serious medical condition.

You: Whatever you say bro!
by He-ro December 06, 2018

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A Curry Apologist is a fan of Stephen Curry who will defend him against those who claim he does not have the skillset of players such as Kawhi Leonard or Kevin Durant no matter what.
A Curry Apologist is someone who believes Curry is better Kevin Durant because he never joined the team who beat him in the finals after losing a 3-1 lead even though Kevin Durant helped the Warriors win two championships by beating Lebron twice and winning two-time finals MVP something Curry has never done.

A Curry Apologist believes Curry is better than Kawhi because Curry never left the team that helped him win his first championship and finals MVP but Kawhi did yet Kawhi led the Raptors to the Championship in his first season in Toronto by beating the Warriors in the finals.

A Curry Apologist is someone who believes that Stephen Curry is the best player in the NBA over players who have a better skillset than him and will cite attributes that he supposedly has over them such as "the ability to shoot long threes at half court or beyond" and the ability to "run around the court for twenty-three and three quarters of a second" to get a "one-fourth second" wide open three.
by He-ro June 29, 2019

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