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They very outer limit of the suburbs, where you can't really tell if you're in the suburbs , or out in the country, so it' s a mix of both. Otherwise referred to as "town or country"? Common in the Washington, D.C. area where the Metro keeps snuggling up to horse farms and the mountains.
I just saw a vinyl sided house and a shopping mall next to a horse farm. We must be in Countrurbia.
by RVAtimes July 7, 2019
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The time of year between Late Fall and Early Winter, when it's not quite either, but a hybrid of both. Usually that time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Most commonly, the weather seems to shift back and forth between warm and cold very frequently. Winter does not officially begin until December 21st, making the earlier part of December technically fall. But you're not really fall or winter, so you're Finter.
It snowed like mad yesterday, and then today it was 80 degrees. Certain feels like Finter weather !

It's early December and and feels kind of warm to buy a Christmas tree. It's not really, not quite yet winter. It's finter!
by RVAtimes July 7, 2019
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The best response a Boomer or (Non-Boomer) can use when the trite "Okay Boomer" meme is thrown at them for insult. Can be used whether target is male or female.
Non Zoomer: I think people get easily offended these days. Climate change is natural and over hyped
Zoomer: Okay, Boomer
Non Zoomer: Whatever You say, Boy.
by RVAtimes January 26, 2020
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